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Exclamation Re: 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Reunion in Hebron, Ohio in 2011


The Buick Performance Group recommends that trailers should be left at the track. We have arranged once again with National Trail to provide overnight armed security with trailer drop off starting on Thursday. In order for a trailer to be removed after hours you will need to provide a drivers license and registration for the trailer that matches. That information will be written down. I will be posting any updates on this....

The hotel parking lots are too small for trailers no matter what hotel you stay in! Keep the hotel lots open and clear by leaving trailers at the track for the weekend. I would recommend arriving when the track is open and going right to the track when you get in town and drop off your trailer. Then go to the hotel and check in. You can always get a wrist ban to let you back in the track if your there and going to leave so you only have to pay one time that day. You'll see some guys take their trailers to the hotels and it's nothing but issues trying to maneuver a trailer in those tiny parking lots needless to say you'll get boxed in there with a trailer.

So get in early go right to the track and drop off your trailer. Just be mindful of where you drop it off and be careful not to park in marked off areas. Typically the BPG will spray paint reserved parking areas on the asphalt around the track. If you pull into the track and head toward the back there is plenty of parking for a trailer back there and no one around to bother it. The track is going to be packed this years event so come in early!
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