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Thumbs up Re: 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Reunion in Hebron, Ohio in 2011

Some of the speakers for the tech sessions are coming together. This event is going to host guys who have worked on these cars, built, and designed them. This group of guys have never all been in one place since the late 80's! They will be doing tech sessions and speaking over the weekend. The best part is just general admission into the track covers it all!

Scott Kelly and Billy Briggs from PAS will be there along with....

* Ronald Kociba- Was at Buick from 1967 through the late 90s. Instrumental in the early turbocharger years, also developed first prototype intercooled/turbocharged car prior to 1986 when the 86/87 were just about to be release. Also worked as head of Buick Motorsports when they terrorized Indy with their 3.8 turbo engines winning the Indy pole. Also developed FWD Supercharged 3800s of late 90s and early 2000s and instrumental in getting Buick get the Grand National name for use in its production car and also some funny stories about the front spoiler with the GN/T Types being produced on the street for a NASCAR advantage! Good Story, Ill let Ron tell it! Very technical guy about the turbo charger and super good guy! Hopefully will have some paperwork and documentation from the early days, as he is going to start hunting for it as we speak!

* Joe Guzek- Major designer of all major GM muscle car wheels including Gran Sports and GNs. Remarkable guy, owns multiple 60s buicks and turbo regals and also owns a 1 of 1 color (metallic orange)stage 1 4 speed (finally found the correct looking color; hoping to have it painted and he said he hopes to drive it down for '11 event with Manner as they are very close friends!

* Dave Roland- GM Service Writer. Wrote all the service manuals for all the turbo regals, owned a t type brand new in 85, owns an 85 race car and 87 Turbo T. Has rare never before seen assembly manuals, documents and photos of the "G body cars" and some rare GNX and turbo regal photos. Also a good friend of Denny Manner's and a great guy to speak with and has already committed as well to attend the even in 2011!

** Tom Wallace- Buick Assistant Vehicle Chief/ "G" Cars- Chief Design guy for the Buicks, then took over Corvettes. May work for the Museum now in B.G. Denny knows him and is going to try and speak to him as of this writing.

** Ron Yuille- Took over Turbo V6 program at Buick from Ronald Kociba. Ron Kociba is good friends with Ronald Yuille so he will talk to him for me about having him attend and thinks Yuille will attend. Kociba and Yuille both helped develop the intercooled/turbocharged 3.8 popularized in 1986/1987, Kociba was the main guy to initiate it, and Yuille took it over in its prime years. Denny said it will take time but he should be able to get Yuille to come and if he cant get Wallace he is going to be contacting him others he told me, just give me time!

* Denny Manner - a performance minded Buick engineer, created the original proposal for the Stage 2 package. With a long list of upgrades including special heads, a 7,000 rpm camshaft and valvetrain, 11.0:1 compression ratio utilizing special TRW pistons, deep groove pulleys, a 4.30 posi-traction rear end and more, he knew he could create a record breaker that would certainly put Buick on the map at tracks nationwide. Using racers Pop Kennedy and Jim Bell, (think Kenne-Bell), he was able to gather real data by testing these parts on the track.

* Wayne Sherman - was one of 7 people allocated from Flint from Buick to help with the TTA and was one of the final people to carry out the legacy of the Buick Grand National will be in attendance. We are also in contact with several other people who did everything from set up the DEA/FBI Turbo Regals, Computer Programming, AE Piston Design, 3.8 Prototype Engine Builder and several others directly involved with different facets of the TTA and Turbo Regals!

Will be updated as we talk with more guests and attempt to confirm their attendance for the event. If your a Buick owner and or enthusiasts this is the event of a life time not to miss! Just the case of amazing talent that will be there is well worth the trip from anywhere! This is a once in a life time event.
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