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Default fuel pump electrical supply, 1984 T-Type

Due to failure of the fuel pump and rust issues on my 1984 T-Type, I replaced several parts of the fuel system:
gas tank
rubber fuel lines between the tank lines and the body lines
metal fuel line that runs from above the rear axle to the bottom of the fuel filter
fuel filter.

The new fuel pump is not working. With the key on, I do not hear the pump turn on. Maybe the wiring went bad.

The wiring diagram that I found does not agree with the wiring going to the tank. I need help identifying which voltage should be on which line. There is a 3-pin connector near the rear bumper, connecting to the fuel sender assembly in the tank. tan/white, red (or pink?) and black.

A few questions:
Someone please tell me which wire carries the power to the pump.
This wire should have battery voltage for a few seconds after the key is on, right?
What is the lowest voltage acceptable coming to the pump wire to still operate the pump?
Does the pump get ground through the black wire? It must be, since there is no metal to metal contact from tank to body.

Is it safe to temporarily connect 12V and common on the pump wiring to a power source while it is installed in the tank in the car? I would wire it directly to the car battery, or to a spare battery not connected to the car electrical system. I would apply full battery voltage to the pump.

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