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Default Re: fuel pump electrical supply, 1984 T-Type

I got home from work and connected a lawnmower battery to the tan and black terminals. The pump ran. So I guess I have bad body wiring or a bad fuel pump relay.

Now another problem appeared. When the fuel pump pressurized the lines, some fuel leaked from the top of the tank. The fluid that came out was dark. The tank hissed even after the power to the pump was removed.

There is one new line from the tank up to the filter, and a new filter. It's hard to believe any fuel was in the rest of the system for 6+ years.

The engine did not fire up. It sputtered like it was starved for fuel. I didn't check fuel pressure.

All this is making me think I crossed up the pressure and return lines above the tank. If that was the case, I'm thinking the pressure line would see the wrong side of the regulator and the pressure would have nowhere to go. The line would have excessive pressure and find its way out somewhere.

Am I on the right track?
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