The Turbo Regal Buyer's Guide
Mike Kazigian
John Wagner -
Buying Information for Buick Turbo Regals

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This is a guide to assist you in purchasing a Buick Turbo Regal. The information presented here is based on a mostly stock car, as it would be impossible to anticipate all the modifications that could be present. We have tried to focus on topics which are of specific concern to the Turbo Regal, so don't rule out standard checks you would do with any car. Finally, the amount of tire-kicking the owner will allow may limit the usefulness of this list. Use your street sense as to whether they are being cautious, or just trying to hide something.

When you first approach the car, you want it to be completely cold. Try to get to it first thing in the morning.

Pre-Drive Inspection

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Just Before Start Up...

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Drive Test

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The GNX was a "collector's edition" Grand National with several aesthetic and performance modifications. There were 547 GNX's made. What follows is a summary of these differences:

It is STRONGLY suggested that you contact an expert, such as Rob Wilson before considering a GNX purchase. The appearance of these cars is often "cloned" on regular Grand Nationals. Rob keeps a GNX registry. See the GNX Home Page for more information.
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"The fastest Trans Am ever made" according to the Pontiac literature describing the 25th Anniversary TA, this is yet another collector's car. It is basically a standard Pontiac Trans Am outfitted with a Buick 3.8 SFI Turbo engine, identical to the Turbo Regal engine, but with a few improvements.

Again, it is STRONGLY suggested that you contact an expert, such as

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