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Quick Reference Page For the '86/'87 Turbo Regals and '89 Turbo T/A

ECM Sensor Readings
Using an OTC 2000 or TurboLink (Note 3.)
Description Idle Values WOT Values
O2 Voltage .45 +/- .10 .76 - .80
O2 Cross Counts 10-20 Note 1.
TPS Throttle Position Sensor .36 - .44 4.50 - 4.90
MAF Mass Air Flow 4 - 7 255 *
INT Integrator 118 - 138 128
BLM Block Learn 118 - 138 Note 2.
LV8 Filtered Load Variable 30 - 40 255 *
IAC Idle Air Control 10 - 50 ~100 Note 1.
Knock Retard 0 < 6


  1. Value should "Lock On" to whatever the last value was before entering Power Enrichment (PE) mode.
  2. As with the Integrator, a value above 128 means the motor is running lean and the ECM will attempt to compensate by richening up the fuel mixture. Whereas the Integrator will always reset to 128 at WOT, the BLM should "Lock On" to the value learned by the ECM at Cell 15 of a RPM v. Load table. This table represents the learned amount of fuel necessary to correct the Air/Fuel Ratio for a given point in the matrix. For a graphical interpretation of what the BLM and INT mean see O2/Block Learn/Integrator Value Chart.

    Also, check out the description of BLMs at this link:

    BLM tutorial

  3. WOT values listed with a * are simply the maximum that can be reported by the ECM and may not be the maximum reading you can achieve. If you suspect a problem, ask around before buying new sensors.

Other Engine Operation Components
Description Idle Values WOT Values
Fuel Pressure
(Stock "233" regulator)
34 - 40 psi "static"
(Vacuum line removed)
Static + Boost pressure
Fuel Pressure
(T/TA "237" regulator)
37 - 43 psi "static"
(Vacuum line removed)
Static + Boost pressure
Oil Pressure 10 - 15 psi hot > RPM/100

Other Components (generally accepted values)
Spark Plug Wire Resistance All wires should be within
10% of each other when you measure
ohms per foot.
Spark Plug & Gap (High boost)
(if stock boost levels)
(on the Turbo TA)
AC-CR42TS .035" or
AC-CR43TS .035"
AC-R42LTS@.035" for TTA
Coil Tower Resistance
(measure front to back, on top)
11K - 13K ohms
(for each of the 3 towers)
Alternator Voltage ~13.5 volts
Torque Converter Marked D5 D5 D5
Transmission ID# to include BRF
Differential-Positraction Option Code G80

The restrictor at the "Y" of the wastegate actuator vacuum line should be facing towards the line coming from the turbo compressor outlet. If installed backwards, maximum boost will suffer.

Stock cam data from a vendor's catalog:
Advertised Duration : 258/262
Duration at .050" lift : 192/196
Lift .384/.408
Lobe Separation 107 degrees
Overlap 38 degrees

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