ATR Stainless Steel Downpipes
with external wastegate, ATR stock replacement, and stock



Features of Note:
  • The stock downpipe (left) has a swedge down where the flange mates to the elbow
  • The ATR stock replacement pipe (center) has constant diameter all the way to the flange (no swedge)
  • The ATR external wastegate pipe has the wastegate attached externally and is 3" in diameter (right)
  • The smaller tube takes the output from the wastegate and routes it back into the exhaust
Features of Note:
  • This is a close up of the ATR style wastegate
  • It is very similar in design to the Rajay/Bell Engineering Racegate
  • Notice the "hat" contains the diagphragm and spring mecahnism that lifts a poppet style valve in the lower cast iron section off a seat on the flange of the downpipe
Features of Note:
  • Left to right
    • Stock downpipe
    • ATR stock replacement downpipe
    • ATR external wastegate downpipe
    • Terry Houston downpipe
  • Notice the "swedge" on the stock downpipe that restricts it up by the seal
  • Notice the ATR stock replacement downpipe does NOT have the swedge
  • The ATR external wastegate downpipe is a "first generation" version. Some slight changes have been made to accomodate other styles of headers
  • The Terry Houstong pipe has slightly different bends to accomodate other header styles
  • The cover shown is modified to clear the the 3" downpipes
Features of Note:
  • Another view of the downpipes in the same order as the picture to the left
  • You can clearly see the clearance "notch" cut for the 3" downpipe radius bends
  • The "Y" shaped piece is a testpipe with a cutout made out of T304 stainless steel

Submitted by:

Dr. John Z. Gyekenyesi