Poston Stock HeaderReplacements

Driver's Side

Features of Note:
  • Doughnut style flange at the collector with the screwed in studs (compatible with stock crossover)
  • No heat shields
  • Three into one design .. much more equal length tubes than stock

Passenger's Side

Features of Note:
  • This shot clearly shows the "log" style design of the manifold
  • Each port is just connected with a short tube to the "log" where convenient
  • Notice the no "bellow" style bends for heat expansion vs. stock bellows ... much smoother flow path
  • Notice thick flange along the ports for stability
  • Doughnut style flanges again for the crossover tube
  • Notice the support brace that goes from the #2 cylinder flange to the turbo flange

Submitted by:

Freddie Williams