Stock Headers

Driver's Side

Driver's Side (ports)

Features of Note:
  • Doughnut style flange at the collector with the welded in studs
  • Heat shields in place on the manifold and around the spark plug openings
  • Rased bolt sleeves along the top row
  • Fairly decent flowing design, but not equal length tubing
Features of Note:
  • Fairly beefy material around the ports
  • You can clearly see the back cylinder tube is just welded where it is convenient (no concern for equal length) ... this is where the infamous crack usually occurs
  • Middle port is just a short tube welded to the "log"

Passenger's Side

Passenger's Side (ports)

Features of Note:
  • This shot clearly shows the "log" style design of the manifold
  • Each port is just connected with a short tube to the "log" where convenient
  • Notice the "bellow" style bends for heat expansion
  • Heat shields are in place for the spark plugs and front of the log
  • Doughnut style flanges again for the crossover tube
  • Notice the support brace that goes from the #2 cylinder flange to the turbo flange
Features of Note:
  • Again, quite a bit of material around the ports
  • You can see the provision for the O2 sensor (up by the turbo flange...left of picture)
  • Heat shields show up well

Submitted by:

Dr. John Z. Gyekenyesi