Turbo Regal Technical Articles - Information for the Enthusiast
The Turbo Regals are wonderful and responsive vehicles, with performance potential that can be unleashed with a little backyard tinkering and a relatively small monetary expenditure. The categories listed at the top of this page as "buttons" or links represent many tips, tricks, fixes, and projects gathered from members of the GN/T-Type Mailing list over the years.

These articles cover most of the common topics for turbocharged Buick powered cars. Many of the articles may be written for specific models or years, but the techniques or procedures usually can be generalized to cover other years/models. The following vehicles are specifically covered:

  • 1978-1983 Carbureted Turbo Regal Sport Coupes
  • 1984-1985 SFI non-intercooled T-Type/Grand Nationals
  • 1986-1987 SFI intercooled Turbo Regal/T-Type/Grand Nationals
  • 1989 Turbo Trans Am

DISCLAIMER: All procedures and information presented in these articles are intended to be used as enthusiasts sharing experiences on their vehicles. The articles may not be complete or be accurate for all years, makes, models or variations of cars. Articles are presented to share information and experiences. Always use manufacturer instructions, tools, and procedures if you choose to undertake any of the projects documented on these pages. If you are not familiar with the subject matter or posses certification in the area being discussed, you should take it to a professional. Neither the authors of the individual articles or the GN/TType Organization assume any liability or responsibility for any damage or unintended results from following any procedures, recommendations, or instructions presented on these pages.

The following link points out some common settings and handy "quick facts" for reference:

Quick Reference

If you have articles you'd like to see published on these pages, please contact me at the address at kenmosher@turbo-link.com and I'll get it formatted and available. Enjoy!

Mark Evans 1986 T-Type 10.92@125 MPH!

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