Convert to a Non-Lockup Converter
Mike Pitts
1. Remove checkball and casing from input shaft. (works with lockup to, makes the lockup feel like another gear shift).
2. Remove lockup valve assembly from pump.
3. Replace with Art Carr's non-lockup valve.
4. Remove a cup plug from pump.
5. Tap cup plug oriface and insert hex screw, locking non-lockup valve in place.

That's it. Going back to lockup isn't too big of a deal. The hardest part was getting the cup plug to hold in the tapped oriface. I just expanded the plug with a hammer. :) I left the checkball out of the shaft. Feels like I have five gears now when it locks up.

BTW: You can keep both a lockup version and a non-lockup version pump lying around, and the only change to go from one to the other would be switching the pump and converter. I was going to do this so I ordered a pump from a GSCA supplier. But I found the the stator support was a USED unit and it was installed such that I couldn't remove it. So I just converted the non-lockup pump back to a lockup.

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