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Answers for the Most Often Asked Questions

Many of the questions that are commonly asked by new subscribers to the mailing list are answered here. Subscribers may also want to check out the "Hot and Spicy Turbo Regal Recipe" for more details on performance questions. The mailing list administrators also keep an archive of all letters sent to the Buick Grand National/T-Type/GNX mailing list. So if you have a question on some aspect of the Turbo Regals or Turbo Trans Am's, its most likely been discussed in detail on the mailing list. Please check this archive before posting a list message to the group, or if you have questions that aren't covered here; its truly a great source of information.

What kind of slicks should I use at the track?
What about sticky street tires?
My car has now reached the mid/low 13s and indications point to needing an upgrade to my fuel delivery system. What should I go with?
There are so many chips out there... which one should I use?
I like the idea of a bigger/better downpipes. What should I use?
I'm ready to upgrade my exhaust system. What's out there?
When do I need to start upgrading my injectors?
How do I tune one of these cars? Do I need a scan tool? What scan tools are popular?
I need to replace my turbocharger, or I want to replace my turbocharger with an upgraded unit. What should I consider?
I think I want to upgrade my intercooler. What should I consider?
What should I do to make my car launch better at the track?

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