1997 GS Nationals Scrapbook

GS Nationals
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Once again this year, the GN/T-Type Mailing List was well-represented at the GSCA Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The following is a collection of some of our snapshots from the event. If you've never been, you really don't know how much fun you're missing...

If you have to wait in line it might as well be a line of Buick race and show cars !

List members cars in the pits at Beech Bend.

Scott Keller gets his car ready for another low 12 second pass.

Scott waiting in line for another a successful run!
As you can tell he is having a great time.

Scott on the line, hoping to beat the other guy with his reaction time!

Scott netted a nice clean 12:44 second, 107.14 mph run.

Henry Dorsey in the staging lanes. Wondering how
fast he is going to go.

Henry lines up for his first (head gasket blowing) pass.

Joe DiLuzio, David Day, Scott Keller, Henry
Dorsey.Henry is the one with the blown gasket
and the bad wastegate hoses!!

Keller 'coaching' Henry the next day.
"If you break it again, you'll #*&#;ing have
to fix it yourself...."

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