1998 GS Nationals Scrapbook

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Well for the third year in a row, the GN/T-Type Mailing List was well-represented at the GSCA Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The following is a collection of some of our snapshots from the event. If you've never been, you really don't know how much fun you have missed. Plan on being at the 1999 GS Nationals at National Trail in Columbus Ohio, June 22-26.

If you have some additional photos of the 1998 event that you'd like to post please send us your photos. Here's how to go about it. If we get enough submissions, we'll add another page or pages as appropriate.

Two Turbo Regals turning some great times! Kent Rudbeck is on the left.

Nice shot of the Racing Regals with BG crowd, with Kent on the right this time.

Alan Whitter's Silver Turbo Regal getting air!

Kent Rudbeck's Red Turbo Regal doing the same!

Ugh a broken driveshaft!!

Nice grey Turbo Regal

Match this you Turbo Regal guys!!

Ok, I will!!

98 GS Nats continuation page.

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