1995 GS Nationals Scrapbook - Miscellaneous Pictures

V6 Tech Session Pictures

"Abandon hope all Fords who enter here." Photo: rinacker@omni.voicenet.com

The V6 tech session was held on Friday evening at the Greenwood Executive Motel. These are some of the V6 "pros" who came to give advice. Some of the "schmoes" were sitting behind us, belching. Photo composite: Rex Chu (ST1ul@jetson.uh.edu).

"Mr. Bond, Q has taken the liberty of outfitting your T-Type for the next assignment." Tom Chou is serious about dialing in his T-Type and he has the electronics to prove it ! Photo: Scott Keller (sekell@bb1t.monsanto.com)

This little jewel must be a nasty surprise to unsuspecting "performance" car owners at a stoplight. Dave Buckshaw's 83 Century packs a supercharged 3.8 liter V6. Photo: Scott Keller (sekell@bb1t.monsanto.com)

Close up shot of Bob Borrelli's twin turbo V6 motor. Photo: Larry Fisher (lfisher@usa1.com)

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