1995 GS Nationals Scrapbook

The 1995 Buick GS Nationals was held on May 2-6th in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was definitely one of the high points of any Buick lover's year and a chance for many of our Buick Grand National/ Regal T-Type/GNX Mailing List members to meet face-to-face. This page is intended to serve as an electronic scrapbook of the week's events and everyone is welcome to submit scanned photos for inclusion here. For instructions on how to go about submitting a photo, click here for more info. Enjoy !


The Nats are chock full of "Kodak Gold" moments. Browse around here if you want to remember the fun you had in Bowling Green or if you'd like to get a feel for what it's like to go ! The pictures are broken down (roughly) into subject group. Warning to those with slow connections: The following pages contains lots o' inline JPEG graphics ! If you'd prefer text-based access, click here.
People Racing
Car Show Miscellaneous

GN/T-Type Mailing List Dinner

On Thursday evening, many members of the mailing list met at Mariah's Restaurant in downtown Bowling Green. Special thanks are due Brett Van Schaik (bvanschaik@desc.dla.mil) for making the reservations and coordinating the event with the restaurant. Below is the group photo produced by Rex Chu (ST1ul@jetson.uh.edu).

Inset: Ken Mosher
Center, Kneeling: Rex Chu
Front Row, from Left: Brett Van Schaik, Jeff Thornton, Scott Keller (our fearless leader), Kevin Kreutzweiser, Ron Bean, Jeff Franz, Joe Harrington
Back Row, from Left: Scott Simpson, Lance Ward, Tom Chou, Jerry Wort, Larry Fisher, Scott Barrett, David Leck, Rich Inacker, Jerry Knox, Gerry Bragg

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