1995 GS Nationals Scrapbook - People


"We'd rather push a Buick than drive a Ford !" The GS Nationals really is a family affair ! Photo: rinacker@omni.voicenet.com

Jerry Knox, Scott Keller, Jeff Thornton, and 'Electra Jim' Sickler check out time slips from Scott's and Jim's passes. Photo: rinacker@omni.voicenet.com

Jeff Thornton prepares to do his amazing 'Diet Coke out the nose' trick for throngs of adoring fans. Photo: rinacker@omni.voicenet.com

Larry 'Wild Man' Fisher and 'Electra Jim' Sickler read Larry's car rental contract to see if bent valves fall under the "normal wear and tear" clause. Photo: rinacker@omni.voicenet.com

"I thought I told you never to e-mail me here, honey !" Scott Keller checks out the data after a 12.4 run. Photo: rinacker@omni.voicenet.com

"Wow ! Either this means the radio station setting affects WOT enrichment or we need to brush up on our 6800 assembly language." Scott Simpson (center) and other list members look over some data at the V6 Tech session. Photo: Rex Chu (ST1ul@jetson.uh.edu).

"Alright, that's it. Next year I'm definitely bringing my GN." List member Rich Inacker's rental car was "dialed-in" by some helpful list members. Photo: Scott Keller (sekell@bb1t.monsanto.com)

"Dr." Bob Borelli giving advice on the timing chain setting for a 455" motor. Photo: Larry Fisher (lfisher@usa1.com)

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