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What next ? A 3.8 Turbo Minivan ? This El Camino had a transplanted Turbo drivetrain, front end clip and interior. It's owner did such a nice job, we're even willing to forgive the red bowtie on the grill. Photo composite: Rex Chu (ST1ul@jetson.uh.edu).

Boy, we bet this really gets those Corvette purists going ! This was a very well done engine swap; the Turbo 3.8 looks like it belongs there. Photo: Scott Keller (sekell@bb1t.monsanto.com).

This Camaro owner decided he'd really rather have a Buick, at least in the engine compartment. Photo: Scott Keller (sekell@bb1t.monsanto.com).

Who says there's nothing but V6's running around the nats ? This is a beautiful example of a classic 1970 GSX. Photo: Larry Fisher (lfisher@usa1.com)

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