Fuel System
  • Racing Fuels
    • Summary of various racing fuels. - Scott Simpson
  • BLMs and Integrators
    • A basic discussion of how BLM and Integrator work - David Huinker
  • Gasoline FAQ
    • A very nice technical write up of exactly what octane is, how it interacts with compression ratios, and what it all means in context of internal combustion engines. - Bruce Hamilton
  • Race Fuel Facts and Comparison
    • A nice chart giving very good information about several brands of Race Fuel. - Paul Barrows
  • Home Brew Octane Booster
    • A home brew recipe for making your own octane booster. - Richard Lassiter
  • Mixing for Octane
    • A chart showing how to mix street gas and race gas to get the desired resulting octane. - Ramin Ansari
  • Rocket Fuel FAQ
    • A good write up of using various Octane Boosters, Toulene, etc. with a Question and Answer format - Eliot Lim
  • Injector Flow Charts
    • Several examples of very popular injector flow volumes - Dan Smith
  • Injector Part #s and Flow Numbers
    • A short description of the more popular injectors and their flow rates. - Ken Mosher
  • Injectors vs ET vs Chip Chart
    • A nice comparison of injector duty cycles vs. car weight vs. HP vs. ET. - Joe Lubrant
  • Injectors vs ET vs Chip Spreadsheet
    • Same as above, but as an Excel Spreadsheet. The files are ZIPped. - Joe Lubrant
  • Fuel Regulator Flow Capacity
    • An excellent description of the flow dynamics involving stock fuel regulators and fuel return lines - John Estill
  • Fuel Pump Capacity at WOT
    • A very good description of how fuel pressure, pump capacity and injectors affect WOT fueling. - Scott Moody
  • XP and Double XP Flow Figures
    • Two files containing two graphs that show the flow figures for Red's XP pump and Red's Double XP pump. Tests were conducted using an average across 3 pumps (total variance <4%) with gauges verified to be accurate within 0.5%. - Red Armstrong
  • Fuel Pump Flow Ratings
    • A list of some of the more popular fuel pumps and their flow ratings. - Chris Fusalo
  • Walbro 307 Fuel Curve
    • Stock fuel pump vs. Walbro 307 fuel pump curves - Dan Painter
  • Walbro Flow Ratings
    • Walbro pump flow graph - Chris Fusalo
  • Walbro GSS307 Fuel curves
    • Fuel curve vs. voltage for the GSS307. - Dan Goldstein
  • Walbros Pump Fuel curves
    • Fuel curve comparisons of several of the popular Walbro pumps and documentation on their design - Dan Goldstein
  • Shurflo Pump Rebuild Kits
    • Rebuild Kit components and diagrams for the Shurflo pump (used in many alcohol injection systems) - Denis Kefallinos

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