The following is a list of general Reference topics that provide a good general reference for the Turbo Regal owner. The information contained within is intended for reference only and any inaccuracies or additions will be gladly incorporated upon submission and verification. If you have anything you wish to submit, please send it to
  • History of the Buick V6
    A general history of the venerable Buick V6 (the little engine that could). Includes common casting number listing
  • History of Buick Performance
    A general historical write up of the evolution of Buick Performance
  • Turbo Regal Basics
    A general discussion of Turbo Regals, including some information on models and options
  • Uncool
    An article (reprinted with permission) from GMHTP magazine about the nonintercooled Turbo Regals
  • Six Bangin'
    An article (reprinted with permission) from Competition Plus magazine about the Buddy Ingersol's Intercooled Turbo Regal in mid80s NHRA Pro Stock
  • Turbo Concept Cars
    An article GM Enthusiast magazine about several concept cars that Buick put the venerable turbo V6 into - Andre D'Angelo
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